As a tool SERPBOT serves three core SEO purposes: the automatic retrieval of search engine ranking positions, keyword research and backlink monitoring. You do not have to use expensive tools and can save time and money to focus on your core tasks.

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1,500 keyword ranking checks for your SEO projects

With SERPBOT PRO you get 1.500 keyword ranking checks across all of your projects. Every keyword gets checked at least once a day. SERPBOT PRO is the SEO tool for cost aware webmasters, marketers and agencies.

Access to Keyword Tool and Backlink Checker

With SERPBOT PRO you also get access to our keyword tool with suggestions, search volume data and SEO competition for each keyword. You will also get access to SERPBOTs backlink checker with daily rechecks.

100% Usability

The usability of SERPBOT is as easy as a software can be. You get special colors for each keyword that has ranking positions within the top 10, top 20 and top 30, empasis of keywords with high monthly search volume as well as an evaluation of each keywords best ranking position thus far.

Of course you can also search and filter your keywords to structure them as you prefer. Over time, you see your projects and each keywords individual ranking history as diagrams.

100% fair – you can cancel at any time.

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Attention: Please remember that your order will be processed by Digistore24. Also, please use the same email for both your account and your order so that we can automatically set up your pro account for you.

SERPBOT is a software product for business customers. It is therefore excluded from revocation. You can cancel at any time, but any charges that have already been made cannot be refunded. If return debits are carried out, an automatic dunning procedure takes effect.