SEO Tools – Overview

SERPBOT offers various SEO tools, most of which you can use free of charge. You can find an explanation of these tools in the overview below.

SERP Checker — Rank Checking & Tracking Tool

If you want to check your search engine rankings, with the SERPBOT we offer you a powerful tool for the effective and user-friendly analysis of your current and all past rankings for the duration of the use of our tool. In addition to the current placement of your keywords, you can see the ranking history of the entire project and, if necessary, a detailed analysis of each individual keyword. You will receive at least 50 free daily checks or up to 1,500 daily checks if you are a PRO user.

Use the SERPBOT Ranking Tool

Keyword Research Tool — Generate and analyze keywords

Every SEO-optimized web project is geared towards certain search terms. The trick is to know the keywords that are both searched frequently and have as little SEO competition as possible so that your own page can rank for them. This process can be done manually or with the help of tools. A keyword tool does the research work and immediately suggests keywords based on a core topic. As a PRO user, you can use SERPBOT’s own keyword tool.

Use the SERPBOT Keyword Tool nutzen

Backlink Checker — External Link Tracking Tool

As a SERPBOT PRO user, you get access to our backlink checker, which permanently records fresh backlinks from several different databases and your own web crawling and checks whether something has changed in them. In this way, you not only see which pages are linking you as quickly as possible, but you also get real-time information on which backlinks you may have lost.

Use the SERPBOT Backlink Tracker

Web Auditor – For a clean technical structure

Modern websites that are delivered by content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress are subject to increasing complexity. The respective versions of CMS, themes, plugins as well as the PHP and MySQL versions of the web and database server do not always work together as expected. With each update, changes come into effect that require a new check. The SERPBOT Web Auditor helps you to maintain a clean technical structure.

Use the SERPBOT Web Auditor

Website Performance Analyzer

As our SEO blog mentioned several times, the speed of your website is an important ranking factor for Google. In the course of improving your website ranking, you should therefore definitely measure the speed of your website. You can use our performance checker for this, which reads out the results of the Google Pagespeed Insights tool without you being tied to the brakes there.

Use the Website Performance Analyser