Abbreviations used by SERPBOT and their meanings are as follows:

  • CHG = short for change / change in the placement of a keyword in relation to the previous measurement. If you sort according to this, you can keep an eye on the keywords with the most serious placement changes.
  • CPC = Cost per Click, the cost of a click in advertisements posted via Google AdWords (PRO users). This can serve as a measure of how valuable a keyword is in the product conversion market.
  • DEL = Short for Delete if a keyword is to be removed from the rank tracking
  • LOC = localized keyword (PRO user), if a keyword should be checked taking into account your own location
  • SERP = Search Engine Ranking Page, the page or the specific placement of a keyword that was last measured
  • TOP = top / best placement of a keyword over all measurements ever carried out
  • VOL = volume / search volume, which is available monthly for a keyword on Google (PRO users). The more often a keyword is searched, the more traffic you can generate with a good ranking, but the more difficult it is usually to get these rankings.
  • COM = short form for the SEO competition that is available on the market for a keyword (PRO users)
  • YTD = Year To Date, used in all diagrams to display the respective course from the beginning of the current year up to and including today