Google Keyword Ranking Tool

ByDr.-Ing. Erik Neitzel
Google Keyword Ranking Tool

Your Google website ranking is influenced by various criteria. A regular ranking check is therefore important. In terms of a holistic SEO methodology, one would like to automate the checking of the rankings of one’s own website with a ranking tool as far as possible.

We present our SERPBOT, which will support you in the best possible way.

Ranking checks always based on German IP addresses

You have probably already seen many times that a ranking tool has given you a placement for a keyword that does not correspond to what you expected yourself. On the one hand, this can be due to the fact that Google keeps the search results in a cache and this is not renewed consistently.

But especially with American or even with tools in other EU countries, a check with an IP address that does not match the target country of the website to be checked can give a completely different result. The reason here is often that Google includes demographic factors when delivering search results. Our SERPBOT therefore only checks specifically based on servers based in Germany and German IP addresses.

Project overview with daily search term rankings (weighted and unweighted)

SERPBOT checks the placement of the keywords of an unlimited number of website projects that you create at as different times as possible. First you will receive a project overview for the respective project.

This includes:

  • The course of the keyword placement development in the daily mean (daily average value)
  • A trend line of the daily placement history
  • The course of the keyword development weighted by search volume in the daily mean (the more often a search term is searched, the greater the influence of its ranking change in relation to a less frequently searched search term)
  • A trend line of the weighted daily placement history
Project progress curve with weighting

Project history with graph for keyword ranking and weighted keyword ranking, with respective trend line

Daily rank tracking with all necessary placement information

Below you will get an overview of all keywords with their respective placement information:

  • the respective search term
  • its specified search volume
  • when it was checked
  • its current placement
  • the change to the last measured placement
  • its best placement
Keyword ranking overall view

Keyword ranking overall view

Ranking history for each keyword with a trend line

A detailed view shows you the progress of the tests of the last measurements for each keyword. In this way, you can see whether your search terms are growing steadily or whether their rating by Google is fluctuating. Here, too, you get a trend line.

Detail curve with trend line

Detail curve with trend line

High standards for usability, ergonomics, performance and data protection

So that SERPBOT can be operated not only on the desktop computer, but also from smartphones and tablets, we have consistently paid attention to responsive compatibility with all common devices.

In addition, you will receive a user-friendly marking within the tool for:

  • Keywords with particularly high search traffic
  • Exceeding the top mark of a placement
  • Placement of keywords in the TOP 10, TOP 20 and TOP 30 of the search results list
  • Various filtering and search functions

The tool complies with all common standards for usability and software ergonomics. We have also configured our servers for maximum performance. This means that you receive short delivery times for all requested information, even with large amounts of data.

We also pay special attention to the topic of data protection. As a German provider, we specifically focus on compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We do not use partners for order data processing and encrypt every connection between your browser and our servers via SSL / HTTPS.

SERP checks of up to 50 or up to 1,500 keywords

In the free version you can create up to 50 keywords across all projects.

SERPBOT PRO extends this to up to 1,500 keywords for only 17.00 euros per month. There is no minimum contract period. You can cancel any month.

You also get access to the keyword tool for researching keywords with suggestions, search volume and competition as well as access to our backlink checker.

If you run a larger SEO agency and need more daily keyword checks without registering multiple accounts, please feel free to contact us. Regardless of this, we are happy to assist you with our free support.

We wish you all the best with SERPBOT and your SEO projects!

Dr.-Ing. Erik Neitzel