Backlink Checker

ByDr.-Ing. Erik Neitzel
Backlink Checker

We have already explained why backlinks are important for evaluating the thematic relevance of a website from the point of view of a search engine like Google. At this point it should be about how you can check your backlinks.

Continuous backlink monitoring

When it comes to backlink checking, it may make sense to check whether there are any backlinks for your website at all. But as soon as you have received at least one noteworthy backlink from a thematically relevant website, you will pay close attention to whether you can keep this backlink over time or not. With every new backlink you receive, this question becomes increasingly important.

When looking for a backlink checker, you should therefore attach particular importance to the possibility of sustainable, continuous monitoring of your backlinks.

Check the value of a backlink

To answer the question of how much value a newly received (or recently lost) backlink has, you want to check various attributes of a backlink. This includes in particular:

  • Time of receipt and loss
  • Backlink anchor text
  • Follow or nofollow
  • Domain Authority
  • Page authority
  • Spam score

Let’s take a closer look at these attributes.

Time at which a backlink was obtained and lost

Of course, you want to know when which backlink came to you and when you may have lost it again in order to regain it if necessary.

Backlink anchor text

The keyword through which you are linked has an impact on the relevance rating that Google carries out as an influencing factor for your ranking. However, you don’t want to rank for money keywords either, as search engines will quickly recognize them as manipulation. The anchor text is an important attribute that you should keep an eye on for your backlinks.

Follow or nofollow attribute

A nofollow link does not inherit a PageRank and is therefore less valuable than a link that is not set to nofollow and thus recommends you directly with its own reputation. Whether a backlink that points to your website has been nofollowed is therefore of relevant importance when checking your backlinks.

Domain authority

The authority of every website can be assessed by applying factors such as the proximity of links to websites that are visited too much and have a high reputation. Of course, you don’t have to do this manually. Online services like MOZ do this via the Domain Authority output.

Page authority

Just as the domain itself has a basic authority, the respective subpage of this domain also has an authority, which results from the backlinks that this subpage has received from other websites. If you are linked from a page that itself has received many backlinks from the network, this is of higher value than if you are linked from a page that has no backlinks at all. So you want to check the page authority as well. MOZ issues the so-called Page Authority for this.

Spam score

If a website wants to artificially distinguish itself in the market, it will be noticed in the relevant link databases as a spam page. Such a rating is again based on a scale known as the spam score in the case of services like MOZ. Backlinks from pages with a high spam score have a certain toxicity that you don’t want in your backlink profile. You should therefore carefully check the Spam Score of each backlink.

SERPBOT Backlink Checker

The SERPBOT Backlink Checker does the fully automatic, regular check of your backlinks. All previously explained factors are taken into account. First, you select your saved web project:

Backlink Checker - Overview

Backlink Checker – Overview

You will then receive an overview of the attributes mentioned. These include the backlink itself, its anchor text, its page authority, its domain authority, its spam score, when it was first found, whether it is nofollow or not, and whether it is still valid or has since been lost.

Backlink Checker - Examples

Backlink Checker – Examples

In this overview, a link is provided from each subdomain in order not to overload the list. You can quickly get a large number of backlinks, but that does not necessarily add value to your SEO project.

If you want to deny a backlink for your project to Google, you can use the Google Disavow-Tool.

Other Backlink tools

You can track backlinks with these tools:

  1. (from 25 $ monthly)
  2. (from 99,95 $ monthly)
  3. (from 99 $ monthly)
  4. (from 100 € monthly)
  5. (from 99 € monthly)
  6. and more, with similar prices

These backlink tools are often used by large, professional agencies. They are usually much too expensive for bloggers and also have a lot more functionality than you need.

Our SERPBOT Backlink Checker offers a very inexpensive alternative to the professional tools mentioned above, without sacrificing functionality. It is part of the regular Pro subscription with EUR 17.00 per month.

We wish you good luck tracking your backlinks.

Dr.-Ing. Erik Neitzel