SERPBOT is a product of SOLID Information Management GmbH, which Dr. Erik Neitzel represents to the outside world as sole shareholder and managing director.

Dr. Erik Neitzel

Dr. Neitzel has a doctorate in computer science, is an active online marketer, blogger and has been working in the field of professional SEO for medium-sized customers for many years. In short:

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science
  • PhD Computer Science
  • 10+ years SEO Professional

Among other things, Dr. Neitzel was honored with a scholarship for outstanding achievements, received the award as the best graduate of his year in the business informatics course of University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg, won the programming competition and was nominated for the young scientist award of the state of Brandenburg, Germany. He has written numerous papers and scientific conference proceedings.

SERPBOT as a SEO partner

The SEO tool SERPBOT is a tool from a blogger for bloggers, which was created by 100% in-house development. But above all, SERPBOT is the result of many years of search engine optimization. On the way of testing and failure, celebrating successes and optimizing after setbacks, many insights have matured that served as a template for developing SERPBOT.

SERPBOT can be a solid and inexpensive companion that will get you to SEO success.


Companies using SERPBOT

In the course of website creation, SEO support or continous tool use, SERPBOT serves the following companies as an energetic companion:

  • Aoyama Optical Germany GmbH
  • Doc Save GmbH
  • Gallery Mehdi Chouakri
  • Posteo
  • Schwingen Media
  • semseosalesolutions
  • TB-Solutions
  • TS-Webservice
  • Vitool
  • Winzler GmbH
  • and many more…